Facehugger Mask Leather [DIY KIT]

The package contains the following items:
– 60 pieces of 5-6 oz ( 2+ mm ) vegetable-tanned leather that have been laser cut in advance and numbered ( the tail parts only )
– 0,8 mm thick waxen thread
– 5 screw-in head ball studs ( you will need a screwdriver )
– 7-9 printed paper pages containing the pattern and assembly instructions for the 1:1 scale version of the mask.

Before you decide to buy, particularly if you haven’t had much experience with leather, please see the video tutorial https://youtu.be/zPwITmuqs2Q
You need to measure your head circumference ( from your forehead to the back of your head ) when picking the right size. The head ball studs that are used on the small straps also provide some adjustment range so you should opt for the closest smaller size if your size fits between two of those provided ( ex: pick size S if you measure 570 mm ). The measurements are as follows:
– XS ~540 mm in head circumference
– S ~560 mm in head circumference
– M ~580 mm in head circumference
– L ~600 mm in head circumference
– XL ~620 mm in head circumference


Facehugger Mask Leather [DIY KIT]
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