EDC Pouch Belt Case [PDF Pattern]

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Catching-eye design

Leather EDC Pouch Belt Case PDF Pattern includes holes marked and video instructions.
PDF Letter 11 x 8.5 (US) & A4 printable Pattern for leather craft.
The leather template has been designed to use by any level of experience.

» Video Tutorial: https://youtu.be/EfqK794OmFI
» Prepare & cutting patterns: https://youtu.be/2TNUl_Tlk64

» Tools you need:
– sharp knife
– 1-1,5 and 3, 4, 8, 10mm hole punchers
– hammer
– 2 needles
– paper tape
– a home printer

» Materials you need:
– leather (4 -6 oz)
– 0,8mm waxed thread
– 2rivets
– o/d-ring / keyring / carabineer

83 reviews for EDC Pouch Belt Case [PDF Pattern]

  1. Tosh Odendaal (verified owner)

    Still to make it.

  2. Helga Mai (verified owner)

    haven’t had time to finish it yet

  3. Soava (verified owner)


  4. Ro Ell (verified owner)

    Super little pattern. As with all of Creative Awls, everything lines up perfectly and with simple,easy to follow videos suitable for a total beginner

  5. Marek B. (verified owner)

    Simple good instructions, easy to make, a lot of fun to make this project.

    Image #1 from Marek B.
  6. Tiberiu (verified owner)


  7. Shawn Yeh (verified owner)


  8. Ezra Cziczini-rákóczi (verified owner)

    Maravillosa creación

  9. Corrina Williams (verified owner)

    Excellent thanks

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)


  11. Darius sabockis (verified owner)

    butiful work

  12. Gerald Oliver (verified owner)

    having fun making it

  13. Gaynor H. (verified owner)

    another well crafted project

  14. Detlev Zydek (verified owner)

    love this Pouch Belt Case

  15. Darrin Griffiths (verified owner)

    Not completed yet but a super easy pattern to follow!!

  16. Alejandro Ramos Puerta (verified owner)


  17. Marlene (verified owner)

    Really Nice!

  18. Mark Dry (verified owner)

    Easy to follow

  19. ????? ?????????? (verified owner)

    ???? ?????????

  20. Roman Kerzecki (verified owner)


  21. Joseph Snider (verified owner)

    Best I’ve done so far but not ready for a fair

  22. Christopher (verified owner)

    Great pattern. I haven’t built it yet but I will soon.

  23. Mauro Cappelletti (verified owner)

    not tested yet

  24. Arno De voogd (verified owner)

    Keep up the good work

  25. Juan Antonio M. (verified owner)


  26. Dejan (verified owner)

    Great product!

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect pattern. Great instructions for an even greater design!

  28. Joaquin L. (verified owner)

    Todavia no realice el estuche

  29. Oleg (verified owner)

    Everything is very good

  30. Willi Engels (verified owner)

    very nice

  31. Louie (verified owner)

    Fantastic pattern

  32. Tom E. (verified owner)

    I loved working on this one, great pattern

    Image #1 from Tom E.
  33. Jessie S. (verified owner)

    This pattern is awesome I have made three for myself and sons.

    Image #1 from Jessie S.
  34. Phong LeHai (verified owner)

    very pretty

  35. Rock (verified owner)

    I haven’t done this one yet but it is on the list.

  36. Cesar Sias (verified owner)

    Excelente los patrones de muy buena calidad

  37. Brad (verified owner)

    Excellent quality!

  38. Janet Dexter (verified owner)

    I love when a pattern goes together with no problems . Thank you.

  39. Frederico Jorge Ferreira (verified owner)


  40. Javi Sousa (verified owner)

    Muy práctico

  41. Evan C. (verified owner)

    Great pattern

  42. Savvoula Kafkia (verified owner)

    Everything is very good! Thank you!

    Image #1 from Savvoula Kafkia
  43. Rick Reynolds (verified owner)

    Works well with many tools

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)


  45. DERILYN (verified owner)

    Easy follow directions

  46. William D. (verified owner)

    love it easy on arthritic hands

  47. Christopher R. (verified owner)

    Je ne pense pas que je vais le fabriquer bientôt, il est superbe mais il faudrait que je le modifie pour qu’il m’aille.

  48. mario f. (verified owner)

    ottimo attrezzo per il trekking , o per utensili del fai da te

  49. Biani (verified owner)

    Not made yet….

  50. Justin Ryan (verified owner)

    Easy to use and fits most edc gear, whether for work or crafting.

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Immediately after placing the order you will see the page with download links, you will also receive them in the confirmation email (also check your spam/notifications folder). You can also download them at any time from your account on the site. The validity of the links never expires.

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