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From: 14.76 / month
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By joining our monthly subscription, you will receive three exclusive patterns each month for only $12.99! That’s less than the cost of one coffee per month, and you gain access to projects you won’t find anywhere else. Please keep in mind that these patterns that are available this month, will be available for regular sale only in 3 months and, for example, the dragon bag will cost more than a subscription that includes in addition 2 other patterns.

Also, consider other subscription plans available for renewal every 1, 3, and 12 months. The longer the subscription period, the greater the savings and even more inspiration for your projects!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, your access to subscription templates depends on the length of your subscription. Remember also that the designs you receive in the package go into general circulation after three months, e.g. if you subscribe in February then in May all our customers will have access to them.

Every first day of the month.
Yes, the subscription projects are patterns of varying levels of complexity, but any of them can be handled by a person new to leather craft. It may only take her a little more time ;)
Each subscription is a guaranteed 3 projects per month. But who knows if you won’t receive more. The greater your support, the greater our possibilities.
Theoretically you can do anything, but we trust you and believe that by buying our product you respect our work and intellectual property rights, so no. However, we will be pleased if you share the link to our store with others instead of sharing the finished template.
Yes. What you get from us is a design prepared in two formats – pdf and dxf. In the pdf file you get from us a full description of the project, the necessary tools and the range of material from which you can make the final product, as well as a link to a video tutorial. To open the dxf file you need a specialized program (such as AutoCad) and a laser cutter.
Yes. We give you the design, you materialize it and collect smiles from your customers. We will be pleased if you occasionally tip us off as a source of your inspiration.
Every month you receive a brand new package of projects.
For single templates, please visit the website and our etsy store Subscription patterns will be “released” 3 months after their release.
Each of our subscribers can count on occasional promotional offers. Once a year, up to 50% on each template.
Yes. Feel free to visit our DIY KITS category, which we will systematically replenish. In a DIY KITS, you will receive a printed design, the skin of your choice and all the elements needed to complete the project.

The ethical aspect of our designs is spelled out in the attention to uniqueness and transparency of our designs. We ensure that no designer or leatherworker was harmed in the design process.

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