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Elevate your leathercraft to unparalleled levels of sophistication with our exquisite Tempesto leather. Crafted from the finest cowhide, each piece is meticulously tanned using the Oil-Chrome method to achieve a luxurious pull-up effect.

Searching for premium leather that will make your projects stand out? Look no further than Tempesto leather. Its soft, buttery texture and rich, two-tone color make it the perfect choice for discerning craftsmen.

Indulge in the soft, supple feel of Tempesto leather, rated 2/5 on the softness scale for optimal pliability. Whether you’re crafting bags, wallets, or accessories, this leather is sure to impress.

Available in both full and half hides, Tempesto leather offers versatility and flexibility for all your leatherworking needs. Each hide is carefully cut from the side, ensuring consistent quality and sizing.

Embrace the natural beauty of Tempesto leather, with its rich, warm hues and distinctive pull-up effect. Whether you’re a seasoned artisan or just starting out, this leather is guaranteed to inspire creativity.

So why wait? Elevate your leathercraft with Tempesto leather today and experience the difference that quality makes. Order now and let your imagination run wild!

The color is exactly as shown in the photo, so you can trust that you are getting what you see.

Our Tempesto is lined with fats, which means that it cannot be lined with varnishes, only with fats and waxes. The fat must “breathe.” If we completely close the face of the leather – the varnish, having no adhesive base, will simply peel off. We are talking here about very heavy, tanning varnishes.
I myself successfully put resolene on the leather, the leather looks even better, and water resistance is increased. Resolene will never 100% seal the face. but! If you allow longer contact with water – it will partially absorb, but its evaporation will be hindered and stains may remain.
To sum up – grease and fat are fond of each other and the leather will readily accept waxes and fats However, I do not recommend that you apply anything, because the grease itself already forms a pretty good hydrophobic film, and even if water falls on it – it will quickly evaporate without leaving any stains. It is worth noting that crazy horse leather is very often used to make shoes, mainly trekking shoes, which must be resistant to very different weather conditions.
Btw. All scratches can be easily removed with the help of hot air, such as a hairdryer – the pores in leather will again be filled with fats.
Last days I have done some tests with Tokonole over – it also works great!

So why wait? Elevate your leathercraft with our first-grade Crazy Horse-tanned leather today! Order now and start creating leathercrafts that will turn heads.

First-grade Crazy Horse-tanned leather for premium quality leathercraft
Soft, oily touch and pull-up effect for unique and individualized look
Rich, warm color that is true to the photo
Perfect weight and size for a variety of leathercraft projects
Elevate your leathercraft and turn heads with this top-quality leather
Order now and start creating your dream leathercrafts!

» Tanning: Oil-Chrome tanned
» Grade: First grade
» Softness: Soft , oily touch, pull-up
» Thickness: about 1.6-1.8mm (4-4.5oz)
» Color: like in the photo
» Cut selection: side
» Animal: Cow
» Average size of the whole piece of leather: about 2 square meters (~22sqft)
» Country of origin: Poland


Full 1.8-2.2sqm (19-23.7sqft), Half 1.0sqm (10.7sqft)


Cognac, Tabacco, Azzurro, Foxy Brown, Militare, Texas, Vino Rosso


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Of course! You will receive exactly the same pattern product as shown in the picture. Things shown in the pictures are designed, sewn and tested by us, so you can be 100% sure that everything will work. Of course the color and choice of shells for your product depends only on you 🙂

Each pattern has a video tutorial with step by step instructions on Creative Awl Youtube channel. You can check how easy things are before the purchase 🙂

Our main motto when designing a product is to make sure that even the biggest and most advanced project can be sewn by a complete amateur. Our customers have more than once chosen the most advanced designs as their first products – they turned out great! You can see their work on our facebook group. Maybe you will share it with us soon?
Immediately after placing the order you will see the page with download links, you will also receive them in the confirmation email (also check your spam/notifications folder). You can also download them at any time from your account on the site. The validity of the links never expires.
Of course! You can sell items based on a given pattern. There are no restrictions here. Of course distributing the pattern to third parties is forbidden and Creative Awl has all the rights.
Very basic, which you can find in most stores: ruler, knife (like for wallpaper), two needles. That’s pretty much all you need to get started!

Yes, we are from Poland, here are our credentials:

Creative Awl sp z o.o.

Kamieniarska 10, 5-519 Koszalin, Poland

VaT EU number: PL662570968

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