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Looking for the softest leather possible for your next leathercraft project? Look no further than our premium Piacevole Leather! This first-grade leather is tanned using traditional, natural methods, the same as chrome, ensuring the highest quality and a smooth, compact structure on the backside.

Our Piacevole Leather is available in full hides measuring approximately 2-2.4 square meters. The leather is cut from the side.

This leather is rated 2/5 on the softness scale, making it the softest leather available. With a thickness of approximately 1.6-1.8mm (4-4.5oz), this leather is perfect for hand-made bags, backpacks, wallets, and more.

Our Piacevole Leather comes in a beautiful color in two-tone with a hand-dyed effect, that is true to the photo, ensuring that you get exactly what you see.

Experience unmatched softness with Piacevole Leather! This leather is perfect for creating stunning, high-quality leathercrafts that are not only beautiful but also incredibly comfortable to use. The traditional, natural tanning methods used in the production of this leather ensure that it is eco-friendly and sustainable, making it the perfect choice for the environmentally conscious leathercraft enthusiast.

Order now and start creating your dream leathercrafts with the softest and most comfortable leather available!

  • Premium quality Piacevole Leather for unmatched softness
  • Traditional, natural tanning methods for eco-friendly and sustainable leather
  • Smooth, compact structure on the backside for added durability
  • Perfect weight and size for a variety of leathercraft projects
  • Beautiful color that is true to the photo

» Tanning: Vegetable-Chrome-tanned
» Grade: First grade
» Softness: 2/5 Soft,
» Thickness: about 1.6 – 1.8mm (4 – 4.5oz)
» Color: like in the photo,
» Cut selection: sides
» Animal: Cow
» Average size of the whole hide: about 2.4 sqm
» Country of origin: Poland

Order now and experience the ultimate in softness with Piacevole Leather!


Full 1.8-2.2sqm (19-23.7sqft), Half 1.0sqm (10.7sqft)


Cognac, Whisky, Di Moro


1.2-1.4mm(3-3.5oz), 2mm(5oz)

Of course! You will receive exactly the same pattern product as shown in the picture. Things shown in the pictures are designed, sewn and tested by us, so you can be 100% sure that everything will work. Of course the color and choice of shells for your product depends only on you 🙂

Each pattern has a video tutorial with step by step instructions on Creative Awl Youtube channel. You can check how easy things are before the purchase 🙂

Our main motto when designing a product is to make sure that even the biggest and most advanced project can be sewn by a complete amateur. Our customers have more than once chosen the most advanced designs as their first products – they turned out great! You can see their work on our facebook group. Maybe you will share it with us soon?
Immediately after placing the order you will see the page with download links, you will also receive them in the confirmation email (also check your spam/notifications folder). You can also download them at any time from your account on the site. The validity of the links never expires.
Of course! You can sell items based on a given pattern. There are no restrictions here. Of course distributing the pattern to third parties is forbidden and Creative Awl has all the rights.
Very basic, which you can find in most stores: ruler, knife (like for wallpaper), two needles. That’s pretty much all you need to get started!

Yes, we are from Poland, here are our credentials:

Creative Awl sp z o.o.

Kamieniarska 10, 5-519 Koszalin, Poland

VaT EU number: PL662570968

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